Penguins, Capes and Sauvignon Blanc…..

It is crazy how much we are able to pack into each day……following school orientation on Friday (look out American International School, Charlotte and Luke are coming!)  today we spent the day hanging out with penguins, drinking (again) Constantia Sauvignon Blanc and visiting the Cape of Good Hope – the most southern point  in Africa.   Living in Boston, our frame of reference for distance might be traveling to California……or, closer to home, New York.  The continent of Africa is 5,000 miles from North to South.  It takes about 9-10 hours to travel across it – enough for 4 or 5 movies! Crazy that we are on the very bottom of it.


Even Crazier ….

is the sense of rendezvous we had – since Chris and I were in that exact spot 13 years ago, when Charlotte was just a 6 month old!!! Crazy!!!


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