Amazing New Digs!

After two weeks of living in a nice but small two bedroom flat, we are in our new home and it is out of this world. It is a lovely, lovely home with incredibly fun and tasteful decorations and an absolutely fabulous outdoor space – including two fireplaces, multiple seating areas, an outdoor bar and grill, etc.   We cannot believe we live here.  See pics below – and note the special guest suite.

Of course we are still getting used to the ways of doing things here – the security beams, the internet, the TV, etc. etc.  but we think we are going to be VERY happy.  The neighborhood is wonderful. We’ve already met several neighbors, all of whom have children.  We will likely be hosting our own  version of a “braai” later this week.

Come visit us!






3 thoughts on “Amazing New Digs!

  1. OMG!!! The house! Everything looks and sounds amazing. We miss you all, but are so thrilled for you guys and what a trip it is to see this adventure unfold.


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