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The Last Post


Hi I am sorry I have not written in a long time. I am also sorry that this isn’t about my trip to Nambia. However I think you would like to know about this too. This post is dedicated to my last few days of school and what I’ve been up to. During the last few days of school you can sign up for an elective. I signed up for Board games designing and Art of film. In art of film I was partner up with my 2 friends Joshua and Douwe who were also on my hockey team. We made a movie with a total copy-writed name. It was called, get this RETURN OF THE PREDATOR.I know right… Total copy write but the movie was nothing like THE PREDATOR. It was actually very good and we got a 4.9 star rating (Best movie). For boardgames I was in a group with two Third graders (the third left before doing anything).Erin ( a 3rd grader) wanted to make it a building game so I made the outline. The objective of the game is to have the most population by the end of the game(When all pieces aka buildings are used). We did very well and I think our game was the best. At the last day I return to my class to say good bye we had a lot of hugs and it was so weird .Anyway Lately I have been playing soccer and street hockey (with field hockey stick).I am super excited to come home. Dad went home and I’m having fun but I miss him.  And Mom always makes me hike and do stuff. Also I miss all of you and 90% of my friends here left. I am going to private soccer training in 50 minutes. I am started soccer for one of my best friend Alexandra who is one of the most talented people ( not just in soccer) I have ever met. I am playing hockey for two equally talented people Max my neighbor and Will my best friend. I would also like to thank: My friends from S.A: Nate,Will,Douwe,Sam,Jaden,Ryuga,Joshua,Morris,Sarah,Ilay,Marlo,Sin-yu,Zi-you
And my friends at home Elise,Lucy,Aj,Will,Max,Harry,Henry,Maison,Alexandra,Macy,Harper,Lexin,Quin,Fiona,Mairien,Brendan,Dario,Ben,Andrew,Tommy,Jakey(do cosins count?),Desi, Grant .

This is Luke Dangel signing off



Update from the Eastern Cape

Hi its me, Luke and this is my first time writing in my 2nd journal but of course you would not know that because I lost the first one. This is my 4th day here and things are awesome. One the first day we took a plane to East London on it I met a 14 year old. Her name was Emma, who just happened to be visting her dad (keep in mind she had come from cape town ALONE and was 14! ) who just happen to be one of our NEIGHBORS. That’s right a we met a girl on a plane to East London whose dad was our NEIGHBOR crazy right. She told us that her mom was going to pick her up at the airport. When we told her we were American she freaked. When she finally seemed to shake the shock of meeting some all amazing americans( yeah right ) I asked her to play soccer and hockey cards with me and, Much to my surprise she happily complied to the game. We spent the whole plane ride playing but before we got off the plane we snapped a pic and she gave me her Instagram account to keep in touch.

Me and Emma my friend on the plane

Next we made our way to a rectangular shaped building where we rented a 4 wheeler. We started driving on a pretty abandon road. We came to a stop when we came across a river on the river was a weird looking boat with a wood bottom the size of the small pool with a bench on either side. We brought our car up on to the center of the boat then stepped out to the fresh air. There was a little girl selling jewelry on one of the bench’s . My mom bought a bracelet for 40 rand. ($3). When we crossed over we were in a different world . Though the ground was littered with huts for tons of miles only about 4 were either larger or the same size as the sports office. Next we arrived at a much larger set of houses but 99.9999% did not look like sturdy, equipped houses.


Finally we arrived at our first hotel which was at Trennerys hotel. I made a friend who, besides the fact of age and height is pretty much a duplicate of Jaden!:0 His names is Daniel and he is 8 years old. He and I spent hours playing soccer. After that we went to dinner where Daniels family invited us to hang out by a fire. Mom and Char where to pooped to go but dad said we could go there for a little. So we played some soccer and then I showed him some constellations like Libra Ares Leo Virgo ect… and my personal favorite ORION Next day we wake up to a nice smelling breakfast buffey. Soon we went to the beach. I hung out with Daniel on the beach. We made a game with the freezing cold water. Later we went to the pool and then had lunch I had two mini hot dogs and 4/3 of a burger. We played some more soccer before going to play some pool the game. We went to dinner there at around 8pm . Woke up next morning went to eat breakfast, played more pool . My family decided to play a lot of tennis so that was fun.


All of a sudden we are back on the road. After eating our packed lunchs we gave our food away to kids who need it. Made our way to the next hotel The Haven. We when on this awesome tour and jumped off of cliffs into water. Listen to a Bruins game we lost 1-4 but what was even worse is that we were having seafood for dinner. No affence to those who like seafood its just if I had a food alergie it would be seafood. Next day we went on a hike that was straight to a water fall it was so fun. We also played cricket with 4 kids this weekend . They were all Xhosain and ready to play and that leads us to here so peace.
Thunder storm stuck this weekend made a movie about it .Left the haven after preforming our panda song.



Came to coffee bay hotel sweet. Went to lunch and dinner which were both meat. Hung out on hill leading to a beach. Went to sleep with dad. Woke up had breakfast (toast yogurt and hot chocolate. Next we went to a preschool where I played with little kids. I taught them to dance, to play tag ,started a conga line, and read to them. After they’re lunch several of the grabbed me and dragged me into a classroom where I read to them. Now I am in my dad’s bed its raining but tomorrow I am going to another preschool.



Hi Luke here for the third and final write .I visited the preschool and I gave kids piggy backs .We also play a foreign game called Duck Duck wapow just kidding we played Duck duck goose . Next I stayed in a hotel called Hole it the wall which was slanted to the beach. I met 2 kids from Durbin there, Elizabeth and Thomas who were both Dutch ( yet not even close to as crazy as our 3 Dutch pals here.)


We had a picnic before we left to our final hotel. When we got there the weather was mucky but we trudged along.  I am exhausted from all the hiking! We came to a Lodge got checked in and looked at our room or should I say hut! That’s right we were in a Xhosa hut with a straw roof and mud floors. I met a friend ,played hockey with him and forgot his name. I met a bunch of teens but my favorite was Axel because he was from Finland and he knew about hockey ( unlike some others I know Cough cough Billy Cough cough. )Also that night my eye got infected but it has probably healed by now. Next day we woke up at 5:45 ( or at least I did. What I love some good sleep!) because it took 5 hours to get to East London. We had pancakes , said goodbye to a stray kitten who I would pet every day like an evil Russian master mind in those spy movies. We left on a bumpy road .It was like riding a flipping Dragon. I didn’t think were going to make it. We did but the car was falling apart so we ran as soon as we could and then we flew to cape town and I fell of the plane. Bam bet you did not see that coming ! You think this is a fantasy ? Well this is a realistic fictional all hopes die hereJust kidding again I safely made it to cape town.
The end ?

I’m Luke Dangel and I’m in over my head.

I said that because this week I played water polo. You see  we have gym every Tuesday and Friday so on Tuesday we just do normal ground gym and in 1 and 4 term we would just normal gym on Friday to , but since it is 3 term (it ends in 1 week so this was my last swimming lesson.) We play water polo in this big pool. I have 1 assist in 2 games but I have a 1 +/_ so I guess you can say I’m in to deep ( get it ) but really things are just bubbling up.I also play some soccer after school and at recess.I mainly specialize crosses and defense so that means when it comes to shooting I’m more used to hitting the posts and the cross bar than hitting the back of the net .I am pretty darn bad when it comes to shooting but my passing makes up for it. I also when to international day  which is this huge fund raiser for the school. It had all these games and a table for each country covered in traditional food. I played a lot of soccer at the big goals and I  went on the rocket which is the drop thing where you go up slowly and then you drop. I miss you guys  so much ,


Sincerely ( since when did I say that big word?!) Luke


Sometimes you feel like a nut …. and also I see a bad moon rising



I’ll try and get you caught up. I went to a farm hotel that is super awesome and fun. I stayed in the highest end tent in the world and took on one infinity misquitos ( they just keep repopulating) . You see this place had three slides green which was so small and bumpy it hurt. Black which starts straight and then does a complete death plummet finishing of with flat so it can keep momentum ( seriously though guys this thing was the new death valley) and yellow my personal favorite, Just a diagonal drop straight down. It also brought me to realize how the puppets from the princess and the frog are so epic that I should try and become one of them ( I mean when they say ” Are you ready?” pure genius. I also got caught up on that almond joy add . Remember that one ” Sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don’t. Almond joy’s got nuts, others don’t.) well I sang it while I jumped off a dock so yeah.

Then we went to a super old cabin ,explored a cave ,got totally drenched in water by a wave ( The boys anyway)Then we return and I had a three person playdate  at middle school valentines day dance. The door was open so we danced there. I even got to crack a sick one-liner to my friend Nate. This is what I said ” Why are all the middle schoolers in there when the party is out here?” Luke Dangel signing of. “Are you ready” for my next post?what will happen in the field hockey pregame scrimmage find out all that and more next post.

My break is still still going on

just kidding but here are a photos that should tell you some things . Also I stay in a house trailer. So I got back to school. I had a playdate with two friends. I dropped out of student council ( long story). I play some field hockey with my friends and we are ready for the season. Also I have been working on my long shot in soccer. I love showing my friends how I can bend it like Beckham with the small balls ( but small balls ,big balls what’s the difference). I learn a lot about European soccer like that Salah is Egyptian. I also played a little bit of rugby which was super fun.The all blacks stink like skunks and guess what when there are 7 people on the field usa is great. Just watch this link on youtube and tell me what you think …new zealand vs usa cape town 2018….. I just walk around school and try to help . Things are so fun here and Ib hope you can find the time to maybe  come and see it for your self . Finally I am super pumped about the super bowl. Also I am really excited for valentine’s day ( when (a lot) of love is in the air. and also (one) saint. Finally I am now doing comment dare’s so comment a dare and I will do it. Anyway thanks for tuning in see you next post.


My Break (is still going on)



So merry Christmas and happy new year. This new year I went on a safari with my Family and aunts . First we saw like 34 elephants like 12 on the way to the camp .They had big trunks and strong feet eating all the plants in their path. When a tree went down you knew it was an elephant . By the way how do you capture an elephant? Just throw him in your trunk. When we got to our camp we learned that wake up call was at 5:00 ( I slept through it ⅔ times). When we got to our tent which me and dad shared we felt like kings it was fffaaannnccceee.After that we met our tracker and guide Given and Antony. And I figured out who to play goldfish with someone who does not speak English very well.  I met a girl from Sweden who didn’t speak English. Let’s say I ask for a 3 I put up 3 fingers . I ask for a king I show her the card.

Then we saw 3 owls in the day with is very rare do to their nocturnal attributes and a rhino and a baby rhino it was so cute they are wonders of nature and should be protected..We saw a baby elephant that looked like dumbo taki.then we saw 13 lions including 2 clubs and to top it all of a leopard cub, wild dogs and zebras fighting in an open area looking like a field, a vortex of eagles and vultures which was super cool plus some pregnSoant hyenas.

The best part was…The hippo was a huge animal and the most dangerous on earth. It has sharp teeth and heavy weight. Plus not to mention it’s almost unmatched strength. I saw the big five, a group of animals that complete any trip . The big five are made up of the buffalo , the rhino,the lion,the leopard and elephant .Hope you love winter because it is going to stay for a while . Peace



happy thanksgiving

Hi guys hope you had an awesome thanksgiving and were able to spend time with those most dear ( I think that I’ve had a little to much time with my family if you know what I mean (: )   Anyway keep reading to the end to find what I plan to get my secret santa friend . So day 1  I went on a super amazing hike.  day 2 Same deal a great hike+ super moon thanksgiving cats  came for food.  Day 3 new hotel, wifi , pets  (horses and dogs – on a farm) super moon and awesome swim in pool.  Day 4. Final day (soda fourth time in my life( and according to my parents the last time ) , didn’t swim, saw 3 frogs in hotel pool and went to neighbors house play fifa 10 and swam and that led me here .  Shouts out to Uncle Evan tied for 3rd most dedicated bruins fan with my dad and Uncle Colin ( Jakey, Ethan and Will take second and I of course am 1). Plus shouts out to Edmund my mischievious church buddy. I never knew church could be so fun but you showed me the way oh way and to Skyler and Jackson keep cape cod running. Until I’m back my cousys will try to hold up Mashpee. Also I have gotten scratch that made my secret santa friend a cardboard amulet . Joke: What did the thumb say to the tooth when he got a 3 million dollar tax ? ooohhh that bites. See ya’ll next time on Lukes conner plus Max if your reading this can you please comment it would make my day well ie bay or fay ow nay.


Bring the camp

All right I’m back . I went on a camp without my parent for the first time ever as part of a school activity. So miss me well here is a break down. Day one when I got to camp and we were put into cabins . I was placed with Douwe, Ilay , Ryuga and joshua . After I was placed in team one I went to the nightmare bridge . I helped hold down the the planks. We had dinner which was chicken . We went on a night walk and saw so many collapsing stars. At 9:00 it was lights out but we made hand signals and got through it even when we were talking . Next day we did water bombs and had hot dogs . Then when I came home ran a color run to where you get covered in paint like powder. I had a playdate with Douwe then I threw up and now I am here.see you next post hasta lavista by the way Mrs Rogers the thing you taught me about beginning climax and end helped me not cry when I read Wonder.

Here are some weird pics. My sister’s gonna kill me!


Photo on 11-19-18 at 6.12 PMPhoto on 11-19-18 at 6.04 PMQgyjnwG%SK2OgeOu7EM0tgLQE2FbVcTNiGAJVIX0Q9kA

Won a netball tournament, went trunk or treating and slept in the same room as my friend

So first was the netball tournament .That was a blast . First we went undefeated then made it to the  finals against Mr Nowaks class( the other 5th graders ). They scored first but we countered with one of our own. Then we went on a tear and scored two to win the tournament but then we had to play the teachers and we lost 1-5 but they were 5’6 to 6’4 so what did you expect ? ( I’m 4’7)  Anyway then I went trunk or treating which was a also a blast.So you get to dress up in these costumes and then parents come to the school and give you candy out of their trunk ( they call it the boot here.So  I guess give it the boot means give it the trunk.)By the way heres a joke. Are doctors trust worthy?: Yes they always tell the tooth. Ha Ha Ha get it? tooth truth anyway this weekend quick review I went to Langamnn, made up a sport , lost a frisbee found a frisbee ,looked at birds and insects, made kids Las Vegas and took 3 showers in  on day (short ones).  That’s today post.  Ask or request something in the comments. My tooth aches to tell you that this is  the end of todays post. The bomb has been dropped. See you next time on Lukes corner.


I crave the caves also ostriches, soccer ,owls and  pools plus a turtle snuck in

I  started on the ostriches they were awesome . I rode an ostriches

, sat on an ostrich , fed an ostrich, held a baby ostrich and even watched an ostrich race


Now for the caves . I had such a good time in these tango caves  . I was really scared at first but then found it it was so fun to my surprise . To my smaller friends it would be so fun for you . I almost got stuck twice but that is not the morel of the story .the moral is Do not take the normal tour take the adventure tour!



The owls are awesome  just plain cool not much else to say.


the soccer do not have any photos but my team won in double shot out ( I  Did not score the game winner ) 3-2 . Now our pool is open and we invited our neighbors Matthew ( 9 ) and Saidy (7) and played games and here is the funniest part. Our pet turtle Timmy ( who just wanders outside but doesn’t come inside) made a run for it but was comforted by my mom who escorted him to the back yardovgmGXY+RQ26S4Ltbo7YPg

Shouts out to my chesterfield friends Max and Henry my block best friends ,my hockey pals, my sports buddies always there for me. Max no fight could hold us apart for long an just know I miss you every day . You are my iPads home screen and I’d love to face time you sometimes     . Vivi the most amazing and kind  fashion designer  I know who will make it to Paris ( one of top fashion country’s in the world) .To my buddies James and Maddie. James you ride that whale man you ride that whale. To Maddie I’ll personal show you to the ostrich farm so you can ride one. To Fiona the book wiz always up for anything I really miss your upbeat personalty and hockey skills . To Ben and Anna hope you had a great summer and Ben I want to play hockey with you so bad along with Fiona ,Henry and max .To The hart sisters serious hockey players I’d like you to try  field hockey and I also miss you deeply . This is Luke  Dangel and todays post is caving in ba dum che . See you next post.

Playdates, hiking, whales, went to a market .dodgeball, an outing [ field trip ]  and hockey

It all overtook me!

First, playdate.  I hung out with Nate Austin, an American from Michigan, and though he has lost my respect cause of his love for the red wings, I still hang out with him . I went on so many hiking trails my legs might be broken. The market I went to was awesome .I played dodgeball with my teacher  Mr Lass ( who has an arm of a cannon) . We vipers took back the last round. My family and I went to see whales migrating from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean.  (can you believe I’m on the Indian Ocean!)  They were cool. They were blue.  It was awesome. They came up so close to shore.  I went to Tokai forest for a field trip . I scored 6 goals in five matches scrimmage in field hockey, not allowing one. thats todays post thanks for checking in.

Special call out to my friend Jane Mingey who is awesome in almost every way!








I went wine tasting ( kind of anyway )+ a math quiz but it was easy

So easy math test that was so easy I can’t tell you about it. This weekend I went to a hotel and wine tasting.  It was pretty fun. I also grew as tall as my dad, maybe even taller.  Our favorite wine place was Allee Bleue . Which I led us to by the way – after an amazing  hike of corse.  Sorry for the short blog post.   Just I posted a few days ago. Shout outs to Mrs Rogers and  Madame Theobald who I miss deeply . Thank you for a great fourth grade. That is all I have to say so drop the  mike.


I take one a seven  girl menace + goalie  ,  A team of  legacy and legends ,  One of  the best Redeem players ever in scrimmage right before the second thing I took one. science project and worst of all my first 5th grade math test

I know what you are thinking what is this guy talking about ? Well that is what you get when I don’t post for a long time . First of all what is this seven girl menace and secondly I can not tell you that because I will tell you these events in the order in which they happen . Which means the Redeem legend is first . His name is Douwe. He is the playmaker and goalscorer on his team plus he has a really hard shot so  he scores almost every time he shots . I got a complement from my teammate name Axle he said that ”  Luke your gonna be the next Douwe.” I knew I had to work very hard.  but it might one day come true .  Right after that I play a team of legends known as the grove . We lost two nothing cause they just pilled into the net so I could not score I thought it crossed the line but I don’t wanna argue with the REF . Now the most difficult obstacle was my math test but I got a 86% so that was awesome . I also won student of the week for fifth grade gym.  The science project flew by but I do think I got a good score.  Last but scariest I faced a team of girls that had 7 players plus a goalie plus a coach. We only had  5 players plus one coach so they won one-nothing. Thats todays post. Tune in for more juicy drama on Luke’s corner but for now peace .

A hockey star a hiker and a mall explorer that’s me

So I hike table mountain. It  took 85 minutes to climb, but it was worth it plus I was in a cable car. I explore a huge mall and I also shout out to Sunjar, aunt Barbra ,my old school  and my new class . My most excited moment this week is my field hockey . I know I know field  hockey for a boy, but it is huge here. I scored two goals , the only two goals for my team, but its all them they are a great team that’s post piece out.






Dear followers I met an American to day his name is Nate one of my top friends for sure anyway I learn from my friend Lucy that book reports are good so READ STORY THIEVES out of five stars it’s 6 so I recommend it.

I did a huge bike trail. It was really fun. Our parents ditched us to drink wine so we doubled up on ice cream.  We were on mountain bikes and had helmets and we were on a bike course which is going to be 5 minutes from our house.  I watched a TON of rugby this weekend.  Got interested in Premier League soccer and got drafted for my school’s field hockey team.  (ha ha I’m on thin ice.) It’s been a great week.

To my new class in america please feel free to comment . I’ll reply. Please comment and peace out for now.

The End of the First Week

Man and I mean man what a weak it has been . The week was super fun and jam packed with ALGEBRA that was for you Kyle. I might come home for one week in  December/ January to see some bruins games . I guess I can keep in touch with my favorite sports team this year. My mom might call it off though  yeah not ideal but she is a party pooper I  have some new friends like this girl Sarah and these guy joshua and sam this is today’s post peace.

Quick Update:

Second day of school. Things are going great.  IMG_0539

Any recommendations on my blog please comment and please slam that like button.

Thank you for spending your time in Luke’s Corner.  From now on I’ll be posting only on weekends.

PS I recommend this blog:

Penguins and Lighthouses – more in common than you think!

Oh boy what an adventure these past few days have been . We saw penguins , an ostrich , the mysterious sport  know as rugby and best of all I went to school . I was on top of the world , but boy do I miss my friends and family shot out to a few people for Jakey, Hannah and Ethan Dangel I hop to see you guys here. For Evan,Brynn and Sean Lyons thank you for the O.V blanket . To Elise Dunn one of my closest companions keep in touch. To Ethan Xie see you in 6th grade . To Will + \ Brendan Alyward  hope u enjoy Portugal see you maybe next summer. To Kyle Tam don’t know want you’ve been up to, but if it’s algebra your probably tickled pink.  Next, a shout out to both my closest neighbor Max and to some of my younger friends Henry and Harry….. also Lucy, Maisey sorry Macy , Harper keep the elements going till I get back and I hope I can rejoin the cosmos. (not sure I was ever in but hey worth a try).  Alexandra thanks for being such a great friend from the start and I really liked your patience with me, your kindness and just your respect for me.  Your so sweet and kind it blows my mind sorry I rhymed but you are super generous .  Next comers are Mason, Desi and AJ – my boys from the start. You have been my first friends and probably claim the trophies on the shelf before I could.    I’d also like to say a goodbye to Dario. Sorry can’t spell your last name.  You always brightened up the classroom.

Here is a video of me with the penguin armada and also on a lighthouse tower.  And a picture with my dad.  Peace out for now.


Penguin Coast guard in action!


My time as a light house worker.


38 thoughts on “Luke’s Corner

  1. Hi Luke! It’s Will. Portugal was awesome. Hope you have fun. Keep in touch. And send more messages about your new school.
    Ps Brendan says hi too!


  2. What an amazing beginning! I will show this to Desi tonight. Please keep sharing your adventures and everyday life. You’re a great story teller Luke!


  3. Hey Luke this is Macy. All of us in 5th grade are going to miss you. And me Harper and Lucy will! It’s so cool that your keeping a blog and I hope your enjoying Africa!
    See you in 6th!!!!!


  4. Hi Luke,
    It’s Mason. I hope you are having fun. Your posts are cool. Oh, I found Owlie Jr under my couch. We will mail him to you. Talk soon


  5. Hi Luke! Keep an eye on your parents, make sure they just don’t drink wine all the time. They should probably do some biking too. Peace out dude.


  6. Hi Luke! Looks like you’re all having a great time! I used to play field hockey, but was terrible at it. I’m glad to hear you’re having more luck. Miss you guys! – Your favorite cousin Grace (Lydia doesn’t count!)


  7. Sounds like you’re totally settled in, Douwe Jr. and smart not to argue with the ref, that never ends well. Keep up the fun posts!


  8. Wow Luke! I loved reading about your South African adventure! And…your writing is excellent! You must have had great 4th grade teachers! 😉

    I knew you would settle right in and make lots of friends- you are a smart, kind and fun kid! I Look forward to reading more and wish you a great year!

    Love, Mrs. Rogers


  9. Incroyable tes aventures! I am sure everyone is South Africa is loving the fun, creative, adventure-loving boy from America! We however, really miss your smile and sense of humor! Field Hockey is one of my favorite sports. I LOVE that you are playing it and hope you will come and visit us when you are back!

    Keep posting because I am definitely following you!

    Love, Mme Theobald


  10. Luke! You are the best – Jackson and I were literally laughing out loud watching you on the ostrich – we almost peed our pants it was so funny – you are living the dream out there – keep it up! we will keep reading your blog! we miss you all so so so much!
    the falcones


  11. Holy cow – I hope you realize that not everyone gets to go watch whales swimming in the Indian Ocean! (Although I’m hoping to, of course!). Great videos!


  12. Where did Timmy the Turtle actually come from? Is he South African? Tourist Visa like you guys? Ex-Pat? He seems a bit mysterious.
    Uncle Jamie


  13. Awsome it looks like you are on a lot of adventures I got your post card and I will write a post card next week because I am going camping. I can not wait to see you next summer from Mason.


  14. Luke – what an adventure! For a guy who likes owls that must have been a lot of fun. Must say, owls are not one of the animals I would expect to see on a safari – very cool. Miss You! -Aunt Susan


  15. Jokes to tell that giraffe that’s standing on your head:

    Q: What do you get when two giraffes collide? A: A giraffic jam. Q: What did Dracula say then he saw a giraffe for the first time? A: I’d like to get to gnaw you. Q: What’s the silliest name you can give a giraffe? A: Stumpy. Q: Why did the giraffe get bad grades? A: He had his head in the clouds. Q: Whats green and hangs from trees? A: Giraffe snot. Q: What do you call a royal giraffe? A: Your high-ness. Q: What do you get if you cross a giraffes with a police-man ? A: Long-arm of the Law ! Q: Why don’t giraffes like fast food? A: Because they can’t catch it! I suppose when you’ve seen one lion catch a giraffe, you’ve seen a maul. Q: What’s the difference between a tractor and a giraffe? A: One has hydrolics and the other has high bollocks

    LOL Aunt Mary K


  16. Lukey D! Miss you buddy – I had so much fun visiting you! Awesome write up of the safari. I’ve started giving to wildlife charities to help protect the rhinos – how lucky are we that we got to see them? Better brush up on your jokes, aunt MK is coming! Hope you’re having fun with your friends back in school. Keep up the blogs!


  17. Oh my gosh this is amazing!!! You’re seeing so many amazing things in Africa. I read all of your blog and it looks like you are having so much fun! I can’t wait for you to come back to America so everyone can be back together!!


  18. Oh my gosh this is amazing!!! You’re seeing so many amazing things in Africa. I read all of your blog and it looks like you are having so much fun! I can’t wait for you to come back to America so everyone can be back together!! Please tell us more about it!


  19. Hi Luke! I like the latest blog. I want to hear about student council sometime. Love the latest photo of you too – looks like you got a haircut? Water polo takes a lot of strength, you must be super strong! Have fun with your latest visitors!


  20. I love that you make friends wherever you go, read books to preschoolers, share your food with hungry people, and still have something in common with an evil Russian master mind. Brilliant!


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